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OPULANTHEA Pure Fragrance Perfume is a fragrance business that is based in Sandton, South Africa, and established for the purpose of catering to clients that are upward mobile. The brand produces a variety of fragrances to cater to diverse markets asides from their products, they intend to offer multi-level distributors an opportunity to market and distribute their products.

OPULANTHEA deals in all sorts of fragrances for both sexes. We constantly carry out research so as to make new rare fragrances that will stimulate the senses of our various clients.

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To have our fragrance in every household and be the referral perfume production business in and around South Africa

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To ensure that we produce fragrances that not only exceed our domestic customer’s expectations but also intrigue the senses of our business customers and make them strive to build a sustainable relationship with us.

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All our products are made using premium scents and fragrances.

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